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Blanc de noir - Savory, complex and harmonious

The varietal elegance that the Pinot Noir grown on the Langa hills expresses in the classic method reaches its peak when it is pure and intact, that is, with zero dosage. The long stay on the yeasts of this Reserve gives rise to a broad and persistent bouquet with notes of bread crust, flowers and white fruits. Soft and savory, with a very fine creamy perlage.



100% Pinot Noir grown in Guyot with sustainable viticulture.


It usually falls in the first week of September and is preceded by laborious peeling and thinning operations which lead to the production of small and qualitatively very fine bunches. The grapes, after a scrupulous selection, are harvested by hand in 20 kg perforated boxes and immediately transported to the cellar to preserve their freshness.


Soft pressing of whole grapes and flotation for the natural clarification of the must in an inert environment (nitrogen). Start of the slow alcoholic fermentation which lasts about 1 month at 14°C and ends with the permanence on thin lees for 2 months during which the wine acquires fatness and volume.


The second fermentation is carried out with a very slow refermentation in the bottle characteristic of the Classic Method in the spring of the year following the harvest, usually on a crescent moon. During maturation in the bottle for over 48 months, the lees are brought into suspension at least twice with the traditional rapid shaking with a flick of the wrist (Coupé de Poignet). Once this period is over, we proceed to the tip for final disgorgement.


The refined completeness that Pinot Noir expresses after long periods on the yeasts of the classic method reaches its peak when it is pure. To respect these prerogatives we exclusively produce our Alta Langa from Pinot Noir grapes as a Zero Dosage Reserve.


Excellent as an aperitif; at the table it prefers above all fish, crustaceans, shellfish and all seafood cuisine in general. Very interesting also next to  appetizers, lean first courses and soups, white meats and cheeses and with pastries. To drink at 4 - 6 °C in 10-15 years.


- colour: Fine, creamy perlage with persistent foam that envelops a compact straw colour. 

- smell: Broad, deep and complex with hints of lime blossom, honey, ripe white pulp fruit which evolve into fresh hay and citrus fruits. The strong mineral notes of bread crust and the nuance of sugared almonds at the end are pleasant.

- taste: Fragrant, intense and elegant with hints of citrus fruits, and recall of olfactory notes. Excellent freshness with a creamy structure and a long mineral aftertaste.


Area of origin: San Donato di Mango

Exposure: East – South - West

Average altitude: 500-550 m above sea level

Plant age: 20-25 years

Soil: calcareous-clayey soil rich in silt and rock stratifications


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