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History, company philosophy and vineyards

The family-run company has grown to the current 22 hectares of its own vineyards, thanks to tireless work, great care and respectful attention to the environment, aimed at obtaining healthy and well-ripe grapes, produced by well exposed land in a sustainable way.

The subsequent vinification and refinement processes followed by Gianluca are similarly conducted according to the company's own philosophy: not to create a wine but to work solely with the aim of preserving and enhancing the peculiarities that each vintage together with the territory of origin can bring in a extraordinary right up to the glass with rare and unique notes "always remaining humbly one step behind the wine". Only in this way can we perceive the sweet notes of Powder and Peach in Bricco San Biagio or those of Lacca and Flint, clearly identifiable in Capalot.

Next to the historic cellar dating back to 1923 where the precious vintages of Barolo are refined, stands the one dedicated to vinification and bottle aging delicately nestled inside the hill.  


For those who wish to walk in the historic adjacent Bricco San Biagio vineyards, visit the cellars and taste our wines, Tiziana acts as a guide in English, French and German with her nephews Vittorio and Giacomo.



San Biagio Azienda Agricola has distant roots... the first labels with its own brand can be traced back to 1923, a time when there were very few independent wineries.


In 1963 the first big change took place, the Roggero family moved to the historic farmhouse located on the Bricco di San Biagio. Aware of this important opportunity, Giovanni Roggero, son of the founder Giacomo, was among the first to understand the great potential of the Langhe vineyards, specializing in the cultivation of vines and the production of wines.


Gradually the company grows in professionalism, in image and also in terms of vineyard area with new acquisitions and plants: among the most important the one in the Municipality of Treiso for the production of Barbaresco Montersino in 2001, a second vineyard in the precious Rocchettevino and also others in the mention Capalot.


Always having a clear concept that only from optimal exposure can an important wine be obtained that is well balanced in elegance and structure, all the company vineyards falling within the La Morra territory can exclusively be claimed as MEGA (Additional Geographical Mentions) suitable areas and are part of the Great Barolo Vineyards:


Bricco San Biagio, Galina, Capalot, Rocchettevino, Roncaglia Soprana and Serra dei Turchi.



In the vineyards located in the upper part of Capalot, formerly known as "PRIA" (stone), the soil goes from sandy to marly-limestone, transmitting an incredible flavor to its products and notes almost attributable to minerals and hydrocarbons. Here our company, among the few to have always believed in the potential of a rare and very particular variety, produces pure Verduno Pelaverga doc from Pelaverga Piccolo grapes, a wine increasingly sought after by enthusiasts and gourmets. Next to it there is also a small Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard which, vinified in purity, gives rise to the Langhe Cabernet Sauvignon - Janin, a wine with incredible fruity notes.

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Grape varieties CULTIVATED

Nebbiolo from Barolo in the vineyards: Bricco San Biagio, Capalot, Galina, Roccettevino, Roncaglia Soprana, Serra dei Turchi Sorano (Serralunga), San Rocco (Serralunga) for 12 hectares;


Nebbiolo from Barbaresco in the Montersino vineyard (Treiso) for 0.8 hectares;


Barbera in the vineyards: Bricco San Biagio, Capalot and San Carlo (Roddi) for 1.8 hectares;


Nebbiolo from Langhe Nebbiolo in the Capalot and in Verduno vineyards for 4.5 hectares;


Dolcetto in the vineyards: Bricco San Biagio and San Carlo (Roddi) for 1.2 hectares;


Pelaverga from Verduno Pelaverga in the Capalot vineyard and for 1.2 hectares;


Cabernet Sauvignon from Langhe Cabernet Sauvignon Janin in the vineyards: Capalot and Bricco San Biagio for 0.4 hectares


Pinot Noir from Langhe Pinot: in Verduno for 0.5 hectares


DOCG wines produced


of the Municipality of La Morra 

Bricco San Biagio




San Rocco


Bricco San Biagio RESERVE

Barbaresco Montersino


Altalanga Rosè Riserva

Zero Dosage 100% Pinot Noir

Altalanga Reserve

Zero Dosage 100% Pinot Noir


DOC wines produced


Barbera d'Alba Superiore

Langhe Nebbiolo

Langhe Cabernet Sauvignon

Dolcetto d'Alba

Verduno Pelaverga

Ad Majora DOC

Langhe Chardonnay

Langhe Nebbiolo

Barbera D'Alba Superiore

Ad Majora 

Rosé wine

Red wine



It is possible to visit the cellar on prior notice from Monday to Friday.

Exclusively by appointment on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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