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Silky, austere with spices and jam

Wide organoleptic endowment that ranges from notes of ripe fruit to spices, from floral to  of graphite and pastry.


Barbera grown in Guyot with sustainable viticulture. Generous vine with great vigor and rusticity, thanks to the average age of the vines being over 30 years, the decisive operations of summer leaf removal and thinning with the elimination of the wings from the bunch at veraison, leading to the achievement of small and very valuable bunches.


It falls in the first days of October with manual sorting, usually delayed for the purpose of complete ripening of the fruit, reduction of the acid component and general increase in quality.



The grapes are delicately destemmed with light pressing and subsequent cold static maceration on the skins for 1 day to promote the natural enzymatic processes.

Alcoholic fermentation at 24° C for 25 days with frequent punching down to favor the production of the rich aromatic complement and a good extraction of the anthocyanins which give the intense color of this wine.



Aging in oak barrels for a period of more than 2 years, the first month of which on the yeasts, acquiring volume, fatness and the characteristic notes of red fruits and flowers, velvety and fragrant. 

Bottle maturation for over six months during which the wine softens, the floral and fruity notes grow and broaden. The more complex ones of spices and chocolate appear and the wine softens, blending the aromatic, alcoholic and acidic components that characterize it.


Temperature:  16-18°C. Its generosity makes it a multifaceted wine. Consumption in 10-15 years.



A wine of great elegance and pleasantness, it is also suitable to accompany dishes with sauces or more fatty ones: appetizers, first courses, savory pies, second courses of white meats, especially duck and red meats of different origins: sheep, pork or beef and medium cheeses. seasoning.


- colour: intense ruby red with purple and cardinal reflections. 

- aroma: notes of violet and red fruit jam, blackberry, cherry and plum. With refinement, spicy tones appear, hints of cherries in bitter cocoa spirit and graphite

- taste: velvety and enveloping with intense notes of flowers and red fruits that recur. Just a hint of the elegant acidulous vein that gives freshness, moderated by the silky and persistent sensation of sweet softness, toasted notes and the sensation of bitter chocolate powder.


Area of origin: La Morra and Roddi d'Alba. 

Exposure: East

Average altitude: 250 -270 m above sea level

Year of planting: 1965-1990

Soil: Sant'Agata Fossil marl mixed with sandy.


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