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Persuasive, spicy and intense

It amazes with the refinement of the hints of jam and fruit in syrup, which blend with spices with sweet tones such as chocolate and liquorice, and the more bitter ones of rhubarb, star anise and tobacco.


Nebbiolo grown in Guyot with sustainable viticulture.


The harvest is preceded by laborious manual operations of leaf removal and thinning carried out in the summer months; carried out with manual sorting, it falls in mid-October to allow optimal maturation of the polyphenols and of the fruit in general, responsible for the elegance and expressiveness of Barolo San Rocco.



Delicate destemming with light pressing and static cold maceration for 1 day to promote the natural enzymatic processes. Alcoholic fermentation at 24° C for 20 days with frequent punching down. Subsequent splinting of the cap for a further maceration of a month during which the wine acquires volume, broadening the spicy and fruity sensations thanks to the significant spontaneous lysis of the yeasts.



The Barolo San Rocco is aged in oak wood for approximately two and a half years, of which the first 18 months in second and third passage barrels and the following year in medium-small Slavonian barrels. This is followed by maturation in the bottle for a year during which a generous Barolo refines, balancing the sweet floral and fruity notes with the more severe spicy and toasted ones. The more complex balsamic and ethereal tones of liquorice and goudron appear.



The extraordinary elegance and richness of the taste make it suitable to accompany structured first courses or preparations with caramelized fruit or bitter chocolate such as duck and guinea fowl. Find the best combination with red meat and game main courses, medium and long-aged cheeses.


- colour: intense and brilliant ruby red with garnet nuances.

- perfume: Fragrant hints of jam and fruit in syrup blend with spices with sweet tones of liquorice or slightly toasted chocolate and caramel. The delicate notes of violet and rose are suggestive, followed by balsamic tones of medicinal and ethereal herbs reminiscent of resin and lacquer. On the finish, sensations of Goudron with nuances of undergrowth, tobacco and leather.

- taste: harmonious and enveloping, with intense spicy notes, references to black berry jam and powdered chocolate. Soft tannins well balanced by good alcohol content which give great pleasure and silky flavor complexity combined with good structure. Evident sensations of liquorice, tobacco and tar in the finish for the more refined vintages.


Area of origin: San Rocco - Serralunga d'Alba

Exposure: south - west

Average altitude: 300 m above sea level

Year of planting: 2002

Soil: Sant'Agata marl


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