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Precious and intriguing with spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon

One of a kind for the particular notes that characterize it: cinnamon and black pepper, combined with morello cherry. Verduno Pelaverga San Biagio is also characterized by its pleasant flavor as it is produced in the municipality of La Morra, on the border with the original area of Verduno.



Pelaverga Piccolo di Verduno, a native variety of ancient cultivation, is grown using the Guyot system with sustainable viticulture.


Given the varietal generosity and good vegetative energy that characterizes the Capalot denomination in which it is produced,  the laborious thinning and leafing out work are crucial and  carried out during the summer months until the harvest which takes place manually in the second half of September.


Delicate destemming with light pressing and static cold maceration for 1 day to promote the important natural enzymatic processes. Alcoholic fermentation at 24° C for 25 days with frequent punching down to favor the production of the complex aromatic heritage that distinguishes it.


On the yeasts for about a month and then matures in steel barrels until April, acquiring volume and broadening the characteristic fragrant and spicy notes. Bottle refinement for 3 months, a period during which the balance between fruity and floral notes is optimized together with the spicy ones which broaden and merge.


Very versatile as a pairing with appetizers, dishes based on shellfish, shellfish and fish, first courses and savory pies, white or light red meats,  medium-aged cheeses up to dry pastries. Excellent as an aperitif, to drink from 14°C in summer to 18°C, in 4 - 6 years.


- colour: brilliant ruby red with more or less intense shades and cherry reflections.

- perfume: lively, intense and fragrant in which the spicy notes of  cinnamon and black pepper accompanied by the fruity marasca cherry. Equally important to define the bouquet are the floral aroma of rose and violet  with a slight herbaceous vein.

- taste: velvety and harmonious in which the immediate fresh sensations discovered on the nose leave room for a pleasant structure that amazes for the balance between flavor, sweetness and  great persistence.


Area of origin: La Morra; cultivated in a beautiful single vineyard located on the imposing hill of La Morra which dominates the entire panorama of the Langhe from its almost summit position. The very sunny exposure and the high temperature changes guarantee a generous aromatic heritage, allowing to further accentuate the flavor combined with intense floral, fruit and spice notes.

Exposure: East

Altitude: 390 m above sea level

Soil: Fossil finds have been found on the site which demonstrate the marine sedimentary origin of the soil, formed by Laminate Sant'Agata Marne interspersed with layers of sandstone and conglomerates

Year of planting: 1990-2018


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